Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Darting around Dartmoor: Part 2, Avon Dam

This is the walk I did on Dartmoor the day after my last blog. This time Owner & I went to a place called Avon Dam, with my friend Barney & his mum Annie. This is me saying hello to Barney!

I quite like to play, but Barney is more interested in carrying rocks, and rolling on them. It's not easy to see, but in this picture Barney is carrying a big rock in his mouth!

We had to walk along quite a bit of road, but there was lots of moorland either side to run on. Behind that wall in this photo is a huge puddle of water. I am leading the way, because Owner & Barney's mum were talking & not walking fast enough!

 This is the view from the bridge leading up to the big water puddle.

 This is what we saw when we got to the top of the hill. See? I told you it was just a big puddle!

There were some sheep on the hill & I'm not allowed to play with them so I had to go on lead for some of the time. When I was a pup I used to think that they were fluffy dogs with a woof impediment because they say "baa" instead of "woof"! I think it's a shame I can't play chase with them because they wobble when they run which I think is really funny & I could make them wobble really fast if I was allowed!

I might not be able to run with the sheep but I can look (& Owner can't stop me dreaming about running with them!).

We went along the road, up the hill, along some moorland, and down the hill, & then we got back to the river so we could cool off & have some water.

I got a better view from here!

 After our walk we went to a dog friendly pub called Turtley Corn Mill at Avonwick. They have some a lovely big outside area with tables and big garden chess set. They also have a river with ducks on. I had to stay on my lead because there are some baby ducks at the moment & Owner thought I might like to play with them!

This is Barney & his mum waiting for lunch to arrive. Barney wanted to lie down & rest, but I still wanted to play!

I did eventually lie down & rest (when we got home!).

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Darting around Dartmoor: Part 1, Silly names

I love running & smelling stuff, so Dartmoor in Devon is a great place to be! I was lucky enough to go there 2 days in a row recently. The 1st day Owner & I went to a place called Postbridge with Owner's friend Helen. Our car was in a car park in the trees in this picture.

There was the remains of a dead badger near here. I had a lovely roll in it. Owner didn't notice until I didn't go back to her when she called & she sawing all 4 of my legs waggling in the air! There was lots of horse poo to eat too - yum!

Can you see me running up to the tor? Owner & Helen were a lot slower than me! There are some funny names of things on Dartmoor. This tor is called Laughter Tor - it didn't laugh though.

Owner & Helen ate lunch on Laughter Tor & I was running around while they were eating. I came back every now & then to see if they were going to move! It was really hot so I was glad Owner had taken a travel bowl & I could have some water when we weren't near the river. This is me & Helen on Laughter Tor. I had just licked her with my horse poo breath - you can tell she liked it because she's smiling!

From Laughter Tor you can see Bellever Tor which we walked to next - it turns out there were no bells there though.

At the end we walked past a normal bridge & a clapper bridge. The clapper bridge didn't clap - but it was broken.

Darting around Dartmoor: part two coming soon to a blog near you!