Thursday, 23 December 2010

Winter Weirdness

Strange things have been happening lately inside and outside the house. It started off when things got a bit colder. Owner came home with a duvet one day, and she put it in my crate! It's so comfy and warm, I really love it!

Next thing that happened was that Owner started to bring the garden inside the house! How mad is that?!

I'm trying my best at camouflage in this photo, and I have got a chewed up bit of rope ball in my mouth!

Owner started to put sparkly things, lights, and little balls and cones on the tree. I'm not allowed to play with those balls (although I do give them the odd nudge with my nose every now and then when Owner isn't looking!)

Then the ground when all white and crunchy.  Here is a little moving picture of me looking for the grass. I'm afraid I was a bit rude and didn't play with my friend Otto because I was busy trying to find out where the grass had gone!


Owner then started buying things and hiding them. I spotted this toy in toy prison (see my last blog for details) when Owner opened the prison door one day. I liked the smell of this one and was hoping it 
might be for me.


But then horror of horrors, Owner wrapped it up and put this label on it...

Did you read that? "To BARNEY" (not Millie), "love from Millie"! LOVE FROM Millie? No-one asked me! I would rather it was "TO Millie". I'm not really happy about this. OK Barney is a nice Golden Retriever  but I'm not sure he should be getting toys out of my toy prison!

Apparently this is all preparation for a chap called Santa Paws to visit. He doesn't pop by very often or for very long so everyone gets very excited leading up to this.

I feel much better about things today because my good friend Oscar the Terrier from Twitter has had a word with Santa and I had an email from him! He knew my name, had a photo of me, and knew that I wanted a frizbee for Christmas! I am SO excited I can't sleep and I can't stop wagging my tail!

I'm a bit concerned, though,  because Santa is supposed to come down the chimney and we have a fire lit in the evenings so I'm worried that he might burn his bum. The other thing is that my bed is opposite the fire and I'm told that if we see Santa arrive we don't get any presents, so to be on the safe side I try and keep my head turned away from the fireplace.

 Hope you all have a lovely time this Christmas.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I love toys!

Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely LOVE toys. I am very lucky to have a basket full of them...

...but I always gratefully accept any new ones (and actively seek them out if possible). I love toys so much that given the choice between food and toys, the toys would win!

This week I have mostly been playing with my Kong Wubba. Unfortunately it fell apart when I played with it.

I really think Kong should employ me as a Quality Control officer. The left-over bit is still fun to shake and run around with though, and is still my favourite toy of the week.

My next favourite toy this week has been my Wainwright dental ball on a rope.... except the rope bit "fell off".  There was a knot of rope inside the ball after the main rope fell off, and I have managed to set the knot free. It still works really well as a ball though. Perhaps I could work part-time for Wainwright toys as a QC officer.

 I have 3 toys which have passed QC:

The others I play with less often. They have all got some broken bits. 

Whenever Owner thinks a new toy is at risk of "falling apart" it gets shut in toy prison. There is a squeaky stuffed toy in there whose insides started to come outside.

There is also a stash of spare balls for the park, and a big bag of food in there, but I know I can't get in (I've tried).

I have separate toys for the park which I don't get to play with at home. I REALLY love these.
The ball on the left is a solid rubber ball which Owner flings using the ball flinger. She likes it because I don't chew it like the spongey balls. It is also washable if it lands in something nasty. (It doesn't float though, and a few of them have gone missing in action in some deep puddles).

I get to play with the dummy (in the middle) as a treat in the park. My friend Oscar, the Vizsla, introduced me to these. In fact, I "borrowed" one of his for a few days when we first met. In exchange for his dummy, Oscar's Dad kindly gave me this one. If I am heading towards someone else's toy in the park and Owner says "Where's your dummy?' I'm over there like a shot!

The ball on the right is a squeaky tennis ball. 

Which one do you think I want most?....

....And the winner is.....

....The squeaky tennis ball! 

I never get to play with this for any length of time, unsupervised. I think there is a limit on the number of squeaks it does because it doesn't seem to last long when it's in constant use. Also the ball tends to fall apart quite quickly. Owner keeps this as a top treat in the park.

When I stayed with Mum & Dad this week I got a new toy - the dental kong on a rope. 

Today the dental kong miraculously turned up at home! There may only be 2 days left this week, but I think this could become my new favourite toy of the week.

It's great to swing around,

you can play tug with Owner,

but I just need to check that the knot on the rope is secure.

The knot fell off when I was at Mum & Dad's and Mum had to tie a new one. I'm checking the other end.

Any dog toy companies can contact me at this address for QC roles. My fees are quite competitive.