Sunday, 16 December 2012

Millie & Monty's Muddy Meetup

What a disgrace I am - I've neglected my blog, so unless you've been following me on Twitter you will have no idea what I've been up to!

Today I had the most pawsom play date with Monty Dor from Twitter (@monty_dor) in some fantastic woods.

We started off quite clean & respectable.....well clean at least.

Monty going for the casual sling-back ear look

There was lots of chasing after tennis balls, picking up, dropping, swapping..... & careless leaving around of TBs too! 

Race you...... last one to the ball is a dog

I got it, I got it!

Multi-tasking Millie sitting & pointing simultaneously.
 Sometimes when the excitement gets the better of you a crash can happen....

Collision course.

I might have resorted to the odd shoulder barge.....

Illegal manoeuvre 

If you don't throw the ball right now, I'll poke my tongue out at you......

Told you!
Solidarity tongue poking.

Half time mud bath.

I managed to have quite a few humiliating photos taken, while handsome Monty looked debonair in them all...... even the muddy ones!

Handsome Monty....... Goofy Millie

Psycho Mille
Handsome Monty....

Handsome Monty....

Curly eared Millie

Sigh....... And THAT's why I don't like having my photo taken!

There was some good mud puddling to be had, but if the water's not deep enough to swim in I don't really understand the attraction. Monty on the other paw....

What you doing Monty?


Monster from the Mud Lagoon

 But at least Monty tidied himself up before he got back to the car. Spinning faster than the speed of camera!

Sharing the mud
Can't wait for the next play date!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dogs' Ten Commandments

It has been brought to my attention that I have been slacking on the blog front, so as discipline has been lacking I thought it would be good to go back to basics and re-visit our Dog 10 commandments:

1. Love your Owner - they have paid the equivalent of a lot of tennis balls for you, or they rescued you from a tricky situation.

2. Do not love fake owners. Sniff humans carefully before you let them pat you, and if possible get treats or toys (watch out for Cruella Deville).

3. Don't growl at your Owner. If they are doing something nasty like trimming pawnails a little grumbling is permitted, but only if you look guilty and lick them afterwards.

4. Try not to work at all, but if you have to, get plenty of rest. This is not restricted to Sunday as we have 4 legs we need more rest than the bipeds.

5. Do what your Furmum and Furdad tell you or they will prod you with their nose and may nip you. Don't worry, this is usually short term until you are taken to your forever home with Owner.

This is where dog commandments vary slightly to the human ones...

6. Destroy toys if you fancy - get the squeaks and stuffing out if possible. (But only toys, not our stuffed friends on Twitter). If you can catch a real squirrel you will be held in the highest esteem.

7. You may hump other dogs but it is polite to at least sniff noses or bums 1st.  It's not necessary to hang around afterwards. If the Owners don't like it, it makes your life easier if you do what they say.

8. Don't get caught stealling. If you do, try walking slowly and really close to the ground. Alternative measures include hiding, grovelling, licking Owner, or if really drastic measures are needed try being good for a while.

9. If at all possible, try to pass the blame onto someone or somefur else. If you are lucky to have a Brofur or Sisfur you could always blame them, but remember they might try that tactic on you too.

10. Covet all toys, treats, food, comfy chairs, and human beds. Remember that what you have is yours, what you want could be yours, what you can get is yours.

Most of all have fun and live life to the full.