Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mini Millie

This is my 1st blog!

My name is Millie Dog. I'm sometimes known as No-Millie; Down-Millie; Naughty-Millie, but mostly just Millie, or Mills.

I was born on 11th January 2009 miles away from where I live now with Owner (@my-owner) & Lodger. This is the 1st picture Owner saw of me.

I was about 4 weeks old. I'm a bit embarrassed because I've got a podgy tummy & still have some of my lunch around my lips!

Owner came to visit me when I was 6 weeks old & I liked her straight away because she smelt of ham sandwiches!

I went home to live with Owner on 14th March 2009. This is a picture of me in the car on the snuggled in next to my vet bed & some newspaper in case I needed "to go"! I have always been a good snuggler - I started young & have had lots of practise. I'm best at snuggling with Owner!

I was very good on the journey to my new home & only did one wee. I wasn't sick, didn't poo & didn't cry hardly at all. Owner promised me that once I settled in at home & got over missing my dog Mum & brothers & sisters I would have the best life ever and she was right!

I liked to change my position a bit during the journey to check out the best position to sleep in! It took all day to travel.

When we got home I had a look around the garden. There were three lavender plants next to each other. Now there is only one! The middle one I ate, and the right hand one I wee'd on lots and it died!

 This was my 1st meal at home.

 And this is me safe & sound in my crate. (I'm at the bottom right of the photo!)

 I looked tiny in there then, but I have grown into it since then! Owner gave me lots of toys to keep me company.


  1. Ello! You got a blog! How great. You sure was a cute puppie my pal.

  2. Great blog, Millie and so nice to see you as a puppy! You were and still are adorable.

  3. You sure were a cute pup!! And yep, I read your blog backwards... silly me ;)

  4. You were such a cute puppy! (You still are :) )