Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sham-POO gate

What is wrong with mud? I have heard that some humans PAY to wrap themselves up in mud, and yet a little roll in the mud in the park for us dogs causes a nuclear reaction from the bipeds!

This is me in the park yesterday. I had a little mud-pack (at no cost to Owner) and even did my best "good girl" sitting.

I was even considerate enough to shake off some of the mud when we got home as I know how fussy Owner is when even a smudge of brown gets on the sofa (or if she's forgotten to shut her bedroom door, the bed!).

What do I get for my trouble? A BATH! Shampoo and everything! This is not me trying to get in the washing machine for my bath!...

...There was a bit wiped off mud on the towel so while I was doing my mad zoomies around the house, to get over the trauma of the shampooing, I tried to get the towel out of the washing machine to get the mud back. 

When I do my post traumatic bath zoomies around the house I always like to take a toy with me, if possible one that I can fling around a bit! This is my dental kong on a rope. I am swinging it at the approximate speed of the washing machine fast spin.

Having put up with the stench of shampoo for a day I was lucky enough to come across some fox poo in the park today! Jackpot! I had a fantastic roll because Owner was too far away to stop me. I think I must have misunderstood what she said - I could have sworn she said "roll in it more Millie"......  or was it "no Millie"? Anyway, next thing I knew there was a hand on my collar and the lead was put on me before   you could sniff a dog's bum!

I did get let off the lead again further on in the park. I went for the sling-back ear look, as well as. my best "good girl" sitting to try & make Owner cheer up!

Well, this is my Sham-poo gate. Here I am at the front of the house. All the dogs in the neighbourhood can see - how embarrassing! Soaped up outside the house (Owner wouldn't let me inside until after I'd been humiliated!). 

My collar got washed. You may notice by the fact that I'm *ahem* naked in the photo below!

Even my lead got put through the washing machine. Now it stinks as badly as me!

I stink!


  1. Oh no's you had a barf! Even wiv your best good girl sitting! I's hopes you's not lost any of your luffly brown spots! I finks you must hav bin killing your toy very qwickly to be all blurry! You's like the washing machine!

  2. Man, just as soon as your get smells and funk just right, why do the people have to go and muck it all up!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Oh deer Millie. Wot a terrible story. I had to ave a barff last week too and all because of some silly mud. I am still not smellin right, but it does get me extra hugs

  4. Millie - NO!!!!! - not another bath!!! What is wrong with your owner?!? Mud doesn't least not the last time I checked! And for dog's sakes, washing your collar and leash?!? What is this world coming too???

    *whispers* I adverted my eyes on your naked's just not right to "sneak a peek" of a pretty girl when she is indiposed. BOL
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  5. Wow Millie! Dirt is good...mud is even better! Humans don't seem to understand feels great on your coat, keeps you cool, and its fun!You can shake it about and spread it everywhere!

  6. I had a dreaded "outside" bath once. It was awful! And I was smelling the BEST ever, too! One hot August day I found a rotted animal corpse in the woods and rolled around on that, & then on the way back the men were working on the sewer line so I rolled around in some raw sewage too. Mom could smell me from 40 feet away & was gagging. So the first bath was outside, then another once I was inside. She was wiping everything down with bleach wipes, too. The humiliation! I shall never, ever forget it or the lovely way I smelt before...
    Lucy the Lab (from twitter)