Thursday, 3 February 2011

I got mail!

Many of you will know (If you read my blog "Now I am 2") that it was my birthday 3 weeks ago. I had a lovely day & I thought that was my special occasion all finished until next year, but last weekend I had a parcel arrive in the post!

It was addressed to me - not Owner, ME!

Oww - I wonder what could be inside! .....

....A present and card for me! (Not Owner - for ME!). Even Owner didn't give me a card! It was from my friends PetSafe UK who I met on Twitter. I enjoyed opening the present, but I let Owner open the card so she wouldn't feel left out!

It's a lovely toy called a Chuckle - and it's not even in the store until April so I'm really lucky to have an early play with it.

I love it! It's amazing! It makes a squeaky noise when it's shaken or thrown - and my friends all know how much I love squeaky toys! It's fun to play with - you can chew it, roll it , throw it, or play tug with it. You can even just carry it around (while Owner is chasing you round the house)!

It also has a secret weapon.... you can put treats inside it! Something for everyfur with this toy!

I know there are treats in here somewhere....

....they're not easy to get out - you can't just lick them out of the toy (I've tried). There are little prongs inside the ends so they pop out randomly! Appawently Owner could make it easier for the treats to drop out by trimming the little prongs, but she is mean and hasn't trimmed them. 

I had a treat ball when I was a puppy but it didn't last very long because I just. chewed it - I mean, it broke. I was just trying to get the treats out of the hole they went in, but it slipped into my teeth and "fell apart"

I know I was joking on my blog "I love toys", in December, that I could be a Quality Control officer for manufacturers, but I really think I've found my vocation! This one seems to be Millie-proof as it's still in one piece. It's a rare toy that *ahem* doesn't "fall apart" in my teeth, but this one is very robust.  A ringing endorsement if ever there was!

Thank you so much PetSafe - I love it!


  1. BOL! That is pawesome! I love getting mail and to think, you can get toys in the mail?!? Who knew?!?

    You better test that toy to the max, just in case it doesn't hold up to the Millie test!
    XXX Oz

  2. A toy thats past the Millie test! woohoo! I make note and then look for in April and see if it passes the Missy test too! If it passess both of us testing it, it could possibly be the most bestest toy ever!!

    How exciting getting post for you! And one you could open and not get told off for chewing....yay for post!

    Licks and wags Missy Moo xx

  3. Wow you's so lucky. Its a bit sad that it's broked alreddy. You will have to gets your owner to fixes it for you.

  4. Hmmmm, i fink I might haz to get one of those for myself. It look pawsome and anyfing wiv treats in is good for me..

  5. Me, too! That toy sounds yummy! I mean, really fun! BOL

    Hi, Millie:)

  6. That was a really enjoyable blog thank you for sharing

  7. We bought a similar toy (a Waggle, I think it's called?) for our German Shorthaired Pointer and he loves it! He's kind of silly though and I think he's happier fetching it than trying to get treats out of it!

  8. Fantastic! I'm going to get Hugo a Chuckie, nice to read about a dog toy that lasts!